New York City is one of the greatest cities in the world, with tons of different things to do! With tons of different attractions, different sites to see, an ever buzzing nightlife, amazing restaurants, it truly is the city that never sleeps. But with so many different things to do, and so many different events going on each day, it can be difficult to navigate for someone who isn’t “in the know” and up on the latest trends. Plus, when you have a family, with children, it certainly narrows down your options quite a bit. Regardless of the age of your children, and what types of events and activities your family is looking to take part in, there is still a large number of activities and different things to do this summer in NYC. In this article, we will be going over 10 family fun things to do in NYC this summer, no matter if you’re just visiting or if you’ve lived here your whole life!

Visit the Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island

One of the most famous and iconic symbols of New York City is the Statue of Liberty, and the sad fact is that many native New Yorkers, who have lived here all their lives, may not have ever taken the time out to take a trip to Ellis Island to see it! A perfect destination for your children, the immigration museum is both educational and entertaining for kids of all ages. It will educate you as well as your children on what it was like to immigrate to the US from the famous first stop for many immigrants. Plus, visiting the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty offers some of the best views in all of NYC. Make sure to get the audio tour, as its both fun and interactive to keep their attention. Kids above four feet can climb up to the crown as well!

One World Observatory

One of the tallest buildings in the world, the One World Observatory is a great opportunity for both children and adults to truly see one of the most breathtaking views in all of New York City! On the 100th floor you can view a series of high definition videos to see the Sky Portal as well as a number of amazing sites across NYC. And most kids always get a kick out of riding what is one of the fastest elevators in the world on the way up!

Central Park

Whether you wanna have a picnic, check out some Shakespeare, or hear some live music, there are tons of different things to do in one of the city’s most famous parks!

The Children’s Museum of the Arts

Covering over 10000 square feet of space, with tons of different activities and entertainment options for children, this amazing museum has a number of workshops and artistic activities to keep your children entertained. You can look through thousands of different paintings and art pieces done by other children just like them as well. A great place to expand your child’s mind and inspire them to do great work in the future.

South Street Seaport Museum

South Street Seaport is a favorite destination for both children and adults, its a great place for family fun this summer where you can learn about different boats, ships and maritime history. Visiting one of the five historic ships that are permanently anchored there is also pretty exciting for most. Be sure to take a tour of the harbor as well in a tour boat as there are many.

Chelsea Piers

One of the best places to visit in NYC, Chelsea Piers is always a good time for children and adults who love sports and fun activities. The sporting complex is on 28 acres with three different piers across the Hudson River. There’s tons of different sports related things to do, from a driving range, bowling alley, basketball courts, and an 80000 square foot field house where you can play a ton of different sports.

Museum of Mathematics

An entertaining and educating place for the whole family, the Museum of Mathematics is one of the most underrated destinations on the list as it might seem to be a bit nerdy. But the fact is that it gives you and your family a ton of insight into details of math, science and tech that will fascinate you.

Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum

Whether you’re an aviation enthusiast or not, there is something for everyone at the Sea, Air and Space Museum! Seeing the iconic Intrepid aircraft is also one of the most amazing sites across NYC.


Opened in 2018 in midtown, the Spyscape is a spy-themed attraction with tons of family friendly activities and so many interesting things to do! Tons of spy-themed puzzles, laser games and Mission Impossible style activities.

Ride the Roosevelt Island Tram

One of the most unique methods of transportation in the city, riding the Roosevelt Island Tram is something everyone must do once in their life – whether you’re a native New Yorker, or just visiting! Running across the East River, to Roosevelt Island, an interesting historic piece of land just two miles long, there are tons of different things to do there as well!

There are a ton more interesting things to do in NYC, but these few items are a great place to start for the whole family and kids of all ages!

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