In the world of home renovations across Long Island and New York City, there is quite a bit you need to pay attention to. And while much of the most important factors in a home renovations project involve interior work such as plumbing, heating, kitchens, baths and more, the fact is that one of the biggest and most important factors when it comes to the aesthetic appearance of your home as well as the overall property value, lies in the exterior portion of the home. This is often referred to as curb appeal, or how someone driving by might judge the look and overall feel of your home. Is that a place they might want to call home? Is that a look they wouldn’t might having for their home? Depending on the answer, this can often be a major factor of whether or not someone will ever want to buy your home or not. When it comes to home improvement services like siding services Suffolk and Nassau county homeowners need to put a lot of time and effort into finding the best possible contractors for the job. Whether its general siding or brickwork services Nassau and Suffolk homeowners can look to a service such as Casa Concierge, a new and innovative platform that helps to connect individual homeowners with the best contractors, and home improvement services on Long Island. The fact is that such work is often way to much for the average DIYer or weekend warrior who likes to put in their own faucets, or change a doorknob every now and again. When it comes to siding services Suffolk and Nassau contractors have a number of different options, but its important to understand that living on Long Island, with the climate they have, there’s more to the exterior of your home than just the aesthetics, it has to do with how these materials and things will stand up to the weather and climate conditions of the area. This is why for brickwork services Nassau and Suffolk homeowners need to do their own research and educate themselves on what works best for their home. In this article, we will be going over a few of the most common exterior home renovations options for your home.

Brick Exteriors
When it comes to Brickwork services Nassau and Suffolk homeowners have a number of different options for experienced contractors who know what they’re doing, and can do an amazing job – both in terms of form and function. Brick is often a great option for such homes, as in addition to its durability and aesthetics, buildings with brick masonry can be better at cooling down during hot weather than framed and sided houses. Although, its important to understand that when you have brick siding, while it will last the life of the building with very little maintenance, in most cases, masonry eventually does deteriorate, generally at the mortar joints.

Vinyl Siding
The fact is that vinyl siding has come a long way over the years. Modern vinyl siding is both weather, and insect proof, as well as fade resistant, in most cases, its virtually indestructible. It also remains one of the cheapest materials to install, and comes in a range of colors and designs, even wood grain patterns. Vinyl siding does require some maintenance, however, because mold and grime can accumulate.

Conventional Wood Exteriors
Its important to understand, that wood was a much more common option in years past than it is for right now. Before deciding on a wood type or grade of wood, it’s important to consider factors such as rot resistance, splitting, checking and cupping. While you can choose from a variety of wood siding options like pine, spruce, fir, cedar, redwood, not all may be suited to your region or climate. Proper maintenance includes power washing, staining and sealing whenever the heat of the sun fades the finish or moisture leads to mold or mildew.

Engineered Wood
One of the best options for people who love the classic look of wooden siding, but don’t want to deal with certain issues of upkeep, then you should look into engineered wood. Its not only cheaper, and easier to install, but its also one of the best eco-friendly alternatives, to high maintenance natural wood options. One thing to look out for is moisture issues.

This is one of the best looks in many opinions and might pass the eye test for many homeowners who like the stucco style. plus, it can last as long as 80 to a 100 years with the proper care. Its breathability allows moisture to evaporate quickly, making it ideal for locations with normal precipitation, but poorly suited to rainy areas. While materials are not pricey, labor costs definitely can add up because stucco requires applying three coats.

For more information on finding the right contractor for your home improvement services, be sure to contact Casa Concierge.

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