When you think of the normal maintenance that it takes basically each and every week to keep a lawn looking great, you will realize it can actually be overwhelming. Normal cutting the grass, trimming the walkways and flowerbeds, weeding the flowers and cleaning up when the job is done is a laborious and time consuming task in itself. Now consider the changes in season. The leaves, oh the leaves, they seem to keep coming and coming, once you have cleared the driveway with a blower or rake, bag the debris and set it aside for pickup guess what happens; you have to start all over again because what you just finished is covered in leaves again before you know it; then comes planting season, trimming, fertilizing and mulching. When will you actually have time to relax and enjoy your yard?
All of this and much much more is handled by a professional landscaper. Finding a local landscaping company that provides full service for your property is ideal, especially on who has an arborist on staff or has one available that they normally work with. The benefit of an arborist for tree maintenance such as pruning and fertilization is extremely valuable to sustaining and extending the lifespan of trees on your property; and they even plan out what plants work best growing in what areas. This alone will give you the peace of mind knowing that the planting choices you made on your property grow where they need to and stay for many years without your need of upkeep which in the long run, protects your investment and beautifies your property.
A full service professional will also work with you to create that private oasis for you and your family to enjoy. They will plan and design elements that will transform your yard into a beautiful space. Consider adding a water feature, such as a koi pond or waterfall; consider the hardscaping elements of stone, pavers, patios and walkways. Picture having a hidden get-a-way spot surrounded in roses with a stone bench to relax and get away from the hustle of everyday life for a while. All this is possible with a full service professional landscaper at your disposal.
The benefits are endless, not only would most homeowners avoid the level of detail this type of work requires, but imagine the task of installing irrigation sprinklers in and around your property and the annual maintenance involved with them. The landscaper takes care of it all with a level of care that only comes from those who have the experience and love what they do. They are truly experts in their field, and will always have a better understanding than you searching the web for issues about maintenance.
They also have all the right tools and are extremely experienced in using them. Some projects require heavy equipment, some need the delicacy of doing by hand; imagine what skill actually goes into clearing and grading a piece of the property for a stone patio or water feature, it has got to be absolutely correct to be functional for what it’s intended for, and that is no easy task.
Landscape professionals do so much more than just mowing lawns!
It’s important to keep in mind, especially if you are looking for that full service landscaping professional, that you must discuss the company’s experience and skillsets. Every homeowner has unique requirements for yard projects and ideas that they want to implement. Make sure that the landscaper you choose has all of the capabilities to handle and deliver on your expectations. Ask for references and check them out, normally most local landscaping companies will have clients in the same area as your home, take a drive and look at the property, talk with that homeowner, ask what they like and what challenges they had to overcome. This will clearly show the level of professionalism that the candidate company possesses. Ask to see some photos of their work; before and after pictures or video can show not only the transformation, but you can find details within them; if you desire quick turn around and the videos start with blossoms on the flowers and show and ending photo in the snow, well that might be a red flag. And bottom line, communication is key. Communication is critical when it comes to all projects so that the delivery exceeds the expectations, especially when dealing with home projects such as building a new bluestone patio with a built in fire pit; if not correctly done, that will be very expensive to change or move. And if a limb is cut off the old oak tree, it would be impossible to put it back on, so communication is one of the most important elements to look for.

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