The impressive brick building of the Suffolk County Historical Society on West Main Street in Riverhead is home to many collections and rotating exhibits. If you only have a couple of hours between shopping trips, stop by and soak in some local history! It was founded in 1886 to “…collect, preserve, and interpret the history of Suffolk County and its people.” You will never be disappointed since there is always something new on display. There are workshops to sign up for and inspiring, Book & Bottle programs with authors speaking, staying to chat while signing their books.
New to the museum is the Silverbrook Art Glass display. Those with a fascination in art glass will be interested to learn that the factory operated in Riverhead from 1943 – 1976! Hal B. Fullerton’s photographs, documenting turn of the century life on Long Island is always a favorite with the museum exclusively owning his entire collection.
If you are a history buff doing research of your own, the excellent staff will enthusiastically help you navigate your way through genealogies, biographies, periodicals, maps and town records. Check out this valuable resource located right here in Riverhead!

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