The recent explosion of Red Light Therapy is gaining great interest in seemingly everyone wanting to feel better. People are coming from all categories and for a multitude of reasons to use the Red Light Therapy bed. So what is it? The Red Light Therapy as explained by the manufacturers of the beds, is low level laser therapy or photobiomodulation, which is a therapeutic technique that uses red and near infrared light to promote tissue healing, reduce inflammation and alleviate pain.

Boasting full body coverage in a short 12 minute session, the beds use high intensity LED lights that produce a “beam with optimum refraction and strength, resulting in an absorption of up to 70% in a session” as stated by manufacturer Trifecta Light. As further explained, the red/infrared technology is intended to stimulate the tissues of the body at the cellular level using light and sound energy safely penetrating the skin tissues, which is said to accelerate the restoration of damaged nerves and muscles as well as increase blood flow.

Owner Maryann Kelly of Red Light Recharge, located in East Setauket on Long Island, adds that the therapy is best as an ongoing regiment and is seeing most customers sign up for 13 to 26 session packages at a time. She adds that each session can be tailored to the clients needs and what they want to target by adjusting the beds intensity level. Once a client “tries” a session, they are scheduling well into the future.

From Personal Trainers having their clients use the therapy sessions to rebuild broken down muscle tissues to people suffering from joint pains, the red light therapy seems to be helping people. Several clients are well into sessions experiencing great results for everything from skin rejuvenation to noticeable fat loss and cellulite reduction. “People are simply feeling better” says Kelly, and being the session is in a closed space with meditation type music playing, the experience itself is healing, reducing depression and anxiety, and regular clients are saying they feel a real mood & energy boost after each session.

Dr. Carl Rothchild, of Trifecta Light, and his team state that they believe in offering non-invasive wellness procedures that are pain-free, quick, and relaxing treatments that require zero downtime and have zero side-effects…..everyone can find 12 minutes to feel better.

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