Chef Anthony Marengo and his wife Stefanie thought they had it all. He was a successful chef and she was a general manager in the senior care industry. With two young boys they were living the American Dream, then in March 2020 like the rest of the world everything changed. Due to the pandemic they both lost their jobs and had zero income coming in. After months of living off their savings they were down to the last $4000, and although they were down they still wanted to give back, so they donated over 125 meals to our heroes at Good Samaritan Hospital. The workers were very pleased and wanted to know where they could get more of his food. That’s when Anthony and Stefanie came up with the idea of doing $10 meals for all front line workers with free delivery and contactless pick up. Word spread and people from all over started calling for food.

This endeavor gave them just enough to be able to pay their bills. Then came the day they were watching the movie “Chef” and Stefanie said “Anthony, we need to do that”. Inspired by the film, they thought that getting a food truck and bringing Anthony’s culinary creations to the public could make their dreams come true once again.

After saving up they were able to buy an old camper, and day and night Anthony worked on it to convert it into a Food Truck. Eventually it all came together and they landed their first gig at 1940s Brewery. It didn’t matter if it was 110* or 15* degrees out, husband and wife worked side by side to build their business. With Chef Anthony putting his own signature twists on classic flavors within less than one year they were named “Best Wings on Long Island”

The food truck proved to be very popular and served many locations and even more loyal customers wanting more. Curtain down / Curtain Up….. that leads us today to the Calverton location of “A Wing Away Kitchen”, your one-stop shop for gourmet wings and catering where you can experience gourmet wings that will take flight, and a whole line of their trademark dishes to treat your pallet to a whole new experience in culinary.

Passionate about creating delicious, unique wing flavors that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you wanting more. Whether you’re looking for a casual meal, a fun game day spread, or a catered event, A Wing Away is here to make your wings dreams come true…and you will be amazed at the other creations on their expansive menu. Offering Gourmet Wings that are made with fresh, high-quality ingredients and cooked to perfection, offering a wide variety of signature flavors to choose from.

They offer convenient delivery and takeout options so you can enjoy our delicious wings without leaving the comfort of your home and also cater events of all sizes, from birthday parties to corporate gatherings. They can create a custom menu to meet your specific needs and budget.
Everyone on staff is highly passionate about delivering the best taste and experience possible, and new creations are being born constantly. Chef Anthony, Stefanie and the rest of the team are certainly on the “must try” list. One taste and you can’t get enough.

For more information, and to get a look at the mouth watering items, visit

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