In years past getting a tattoo was often thought to be one of the biggest acts of rebellion in society. The fact is that when you saw a man or woman, whether it was on their shoulder, their forearm, or even their neck, they were almost immediately looked at like a criminal or someone on the fringes of society. however, as the years have gone on and things have changed, a tattoo has begun to garner a lot more mainstream acceptance, and its more so thought of as a form of art and self expression. It isn’t uncommon to see a retail worker, an executive at a fortune 500 company, or even a school teacher with tattoos going down their arms, even a full sleeve if they wanted. And while a tattoo might be the best thing, and something you’ve always wanted when you first got it, all too often, you can regret the tattoo you got not too soon after you got it. Whether it might be the name of an ex-boyfriend, or just a cartoon character you thought was the coolest thing ever back when you were 18. This is where laser tattoo removal comes in. At Koru, the best medical spa Midtown Manhattan has to offer, they offer a wide range of services to individuals in need of aesthetic enhancement, and one of those services is laser tattoo removal – the use of the same laser device that allows patients to treat their skincare issues or remove unwanted hair, allows you to remove that tattoo that you are all of a sudden regretting. Despite how popular of a treatment laser tattoo removal has become however, far too many patients are unknowing of what exactly they need to know about it. In this article, we will be going over three important things to know before having it done.

Consider a Doctor or Tattoo Removal Specialist
The fact is that like other aesthetic enhancement treatments, far too many practices these days are offering laser tattoo removal. however, far too many of these individuals despite having the right laser, don’t have the experience they need or the skillset needed to properly remove your tattoo safely and effectively. According to the team at Koru, the best medical spa Midtown Manhattan has to offer, this is why its often best to visit a doctor, medical professional, or someone who specialized in tattoo removal. The fact is that anyone with the right laser thinks they can do it, and while they probably can to an extent, they don’t know the intricacies behind the technique and what you can only learn from experience and proper training. Do your homework before you just go to anybody.

It Can Take Months or Years
At Koru, the best medial spa Midtown Manhattan has to offer, far too many patients simply think they will walk in with a giant tattoo of their exes name and leave with a blank canvas of skin, ready to tattoo the next name on this weekend. This is not the case! Laser tattoo removal is a slow and steady process that can take weeks, months or even years, depending not he size of the tattoo, its placement, the type of ink used and the depth at which the ink might have been embedded into the skin. Some tattoos will still be lightly visible after months and countless sessions of laser tattoo removal, and will take quite a long time – so make sure you understand this and are patient.

It is Costly
The fact of the matter is that when you get a tattoo, its usually pretty expensive, as long as you go to a reputable artist, who is doing things safely and has been properly trained – and also does quality work. Just the same, laser tattoo removal is costly as well, the machine is expensive and it can take tons of time and effort. Anything that takes this long of an effort, is definitely going to cost.

All Ink Colors Can Be Removed
In years past, and the earlier days of laser tattoo removal, it wasn’t nearly as advanced as it is now. The fact is that many hues of ink couldn’t be properly removed, and depending on your skin tone, they would still appear fairly prominently. however, now with advanced machines, pretty much all tattoo ink can be removed.

For more information on laser tattoo removal, be sure to contact Koru today.

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