When it comes to the world of aesthetic enhancement and cosmetic medicine, the very best doctors and medical spas are those that not only help you look good on the outside, but those that focus on how you feel as well! The fact of the matter is that your overall health and wellness is a vital part of improving your overall aesthetic appearance. Too often, when someone isn’t looking their best, or their skin doesn’t look healthy, its a product of having poor overall health and terrible daily life habits. And the most attractive of us, for the most part, are also those who are healthiest and maintain their inner wellness, through regular bloodwork, a balanced diet, exercise, and other supplemental health and wellness procedures. One of the best examples of this is IV therapy Manhattan experts advise. According to the team at At Home Botox, the top Botox specialist Manhattan has to offer, in conjunction with outside treatments like Botox and fillers, they will recommend patients to also add in IV drips of all types to enhance their health and provide much needed hydration and vitamin infusions to their bodies. The fact is when it comes to IV therapy Staten Island and NYC patients will often consider it to be simply a hangover cure, or a method to get hydration when dehydrated. While this is certainly true, with IV therapy Staten Island patients can also get a number of vital vitamins, minerals, and healthy compounds that offer a vast array of different benefits. And while we have gone over some of the more common benefits of IV therapy Manhattan experts detail in past articles, in this article we will be going over some more benefits – those that you may not ever have known existed!

IV Drips Help to Promote Weight Loss
This is one of the most interesting benefits of IV therapy Manhattan clinics will often advertise, but one that few patients knew even existed! Losing weight is difficult for many of us but with IV therapy, according to At Home Botox, the best Botox specialist Staten Island has to offer, can boost things like their metabolism while also adding common natural and man-made compounds to their bloodstream that helps to promote their weight loss journey. Some of the most common IV drips that can help to benefit your quest for weight loss have got to be the use of Carnitine, ALA or alpha-lipoid acid, and lipotropin injections. Carnitine is an amino acid that turns fat into fuel. It delivers fats to the mitochondria, our cells’ powerhouses to break them down and use them as energy. Carnitine is a conditionally essential nutrient, meaning we can get enough from our diet, but certain people cannot, including vegans and people with a medical condition that inhibits nutrient absorption. ALA is a powerful antioxidant found in every cell in the body. This organic compound also works with the body’s mitochondria to boost metabolism, prevent inflammation, eliminate toxins, and reverse some of the oxidant (free radical) damage related to aging. While lipotropic injections are less researched, there is tons of anecdotal evidence of it boosting weight loss.

IV Vitamin Therapy Helps with Nutrient Deficiencies
Despite the fact that its one of the most common reasons for individuals to get IV therapy Staten Island and NYC patients are fairly uneducated on how well iv drips can help to shuttle much needed nutrients to the body. According to At Home Botox, the best Botox specialist Staten Island has to offer, there are a number of patients who might suffer from genetic issues or allergies that prevent them from either eating certain foods, or breaking down certain nutrients and absorbing them into the bloodstream. For individuals who have such issues using IV drips can drastically benefit them and prevent them from suffering from even worse health conditions associated with the lack of such nutrients. plus, the average American diet is fairly terrible, and for most people taking a multivitamin can benefit them a ton – an IV therapy drip can often be a faster, more efficient and much more potent version of a multivitamin.

IV Therapy Alleviates Anxiety & Depression Issues
One of the most interesting and least known effects of benefits of IV therapy drips is their ability to help those individuals dealing with depression and anxiety or other mental health issues. According to At Home Botox, the best Botox specialist Manhattan has to offer, there area a number of IV drips that use compounds known to benefit your mental health and mental acuity – delivering it straight to the blood and speeding up your re-uptake. Plus, something like Magnesium sulfate is an electrolyte known to calm your feelings of anxiety, help with sleep, relax your muscles, help the immune system, and alleviate migraines and more.

For more information on IV therapy and more, be sure to contact At Home Botox today.

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