When it comes to branding your business or organization, there’s a million different ways to go – especially in today’s digital world. however, while using the internet and social media is quite obvious, or paid ad-spend and search engine optimization are certainly vital pieces of the puzzle. Sometimes its often a lot more simple, and there are a lot of real life aspects that you can use to piggyback off of, and use for the branding of your online presence. One of the most interesting has got the be the use of custom tee shirts and other custom logo apparel and accessories. When you order custom logo apparel, you are essentially creating a “uniform” for your brand, and an identify by which both the customers and consumers of your brand, as well as the team behind your brand can all wear and help to better identify themselves as ‘part of the team’ essentially. however, before you buy custom apparel, there are a number of different things you must consider, as far too many individuals running a business will simply run to the middle of the mall and get a few random custom tee shirts made that say Bob’s Landscaping, without taking any actual time to think and understand how you might use this clothing and apparel to properly brand your company. The fact is that using an online specialty store like ApparelBoss.com, where you can buy embroidered apparel and buy custom tee shirts, in whatever colors, adorned with your logos, mission statement, contact information and a whole lot more. A platform like Apparel Boss has a lot more than just your traditional custom logo apparel and when you order custom logo apparel from them, you know its of the highest quality, with high-end craftsmanship as well as just the basic custom tee shirts. They also offer some of the most well known name brands, and use those items to brand your company in ways you have simply never seen before. But before you make the move to buy embroidered apparel or even simply tee shirts there’s a lot you need to consider before making your purchase some simply and obvious and others more complex. In this article, we will be going over a few important things to consider before you do it.

What is the Purpose of Your Custom Logo Apparel & Clothing?
When it comes to custom logo apparel there’s a lot of different ways you can go, and a number of different purposes for the clothing itself. You’ve got to pinpoint what the purpose is for the particular order will be, and ensure that everything you buy is designed to meet that purpose. Are you buying clothing for employees to wear at your store? Do you need customized aprons for a kitchen staff, or maybe you want to buy embroidered apparel thats a bit more high end, like a polo or something similar for your staff or salesman to go out to customer sites in. Or if its simply just so you can brand your company while your nephew goes out to pass some flyers out you might want to buy custom tee shirts. The fact is once you nail down the reason why you want to buy custom apparel and clothing, the next step is to think of what you want on it, color schemes that fit with your brand, and if you want someone to stand out so they are spotted by passerby’s as they are on the street. If its clothing or items to sell for your customers, you want to think more about logos, and sayings or phrases that brand your company int he right way, and are actually something cool that someone would want to pay for money.

How Many of Each Item Do You Need?
This is where you should try to be realistic. If its for your next customer clothing drop, and you were able to sell 500 custom tee shirts last time, you don’t want to simply get another 500. Think a little bigger and maybe shoot for 1000 or 1500 in multiple sizes. On the other hand, if you are buying clothing items for your staff, maybe get enough so there are two shirts for each member of staff, a dozen or so extra for new members, and certainly extras in case employees need more later on down the line. But don’t ever undershoot and try not to overbuy by too high of a number.

What is Your Distribution Channel?
Are you going to be giving them out or selling them? Are they going to be for a pop-up shop your hosting, or possibly an event your going to have in the coming days? Of are you selling them online or giving one out free with every online order over $50. Whatever the case might be, think of the means in which you plan on distributing them and getting them in the hands of the people and customers, if thats there purpose. Also be sure to figure out how you will ship them or package them in any way.

Designing the Apparel & Clothing
Design is vital, absolutely vital – especially if you plan on selling these items and you want them to truly help you to brand your company. The look must be solid and must be something that people will actually be willing to pay money for, otherwise it simply won’t work. Spend time on it, work with people who have a design eye, and know your brand. Consider hiring a graphic designer to do your logo or interesting graphics you want to have on the tees and clothing – whether or not its for sale or not – a solid design will go a long way and make people want to wear the clothing.

For more information on custom logo apparel and more, Abe sure to contact Apparel Boss today.

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