Building a Home Based Business

Whether a new adventure or revitalizing an existing business that is operated out of the home, the main and very common challenge is how to effectively and consistently grow your customer base. Getting new customers for a home-based business can be very exciting or equally can be very grueling as a day to day task!… and the importance of it is critical to the success of and survival of your home based business. Regardless of category, there are several steps and strategies that, well, are an absolute must in today’s world. Years ago, the “go to” was to put a spending budget together, come up with an enticing offer for your goods or services and simply place some ads in the local newspaper. Well, as we all know, those days are long behind us and while there are fantastic opportunities in today’s world, those opportunities take a little more creative thinking and strategy to build the sustainable results needed to not only fund, but to grow that home based business of yours.

Strategy for your “Customer Growth Plan” must start with knowing who your best prospects are and understanding how they consume content in their daily lives. Understanding the human behavior parts of “why folks do what they do” will help your plan immensely, which in turn will give you much quicker results and much less trial and error (and headaches) just throwing stuff at the wall and hoping something sticks…. By the way, that “stuff” is also money.

The strongest “what” to do, if you do nothing else…You MUST have a strong online presence! You will only establish a strong online presence through a professional website and active social media profile. Showcase your products or services, share valuable content, and engage with your audience. If your website is not strong, or not able to be read by search engines, no matter how beautiful it looks…. It simply will not work. This step in your endeavor is critical. Put emotions aside and ask yourself one simple question; “Is my website generating enough new customers for me to grow this business?” Why is this so important? The answer to this question is another question… Can you name 3 people that does not have an iPhone? Exactly!

Now getting that website and the necessities that it must come with take some research. It is strongly suggested that you find a trustworthy, service oriented company that can handle building searchable websites designed for online lead generation. In your area google search “bestwebsitedesign” or “bestwebsitecompany” and choose someone who organically ranks on the google map. Avoid “sponsored” listings, as these companies bought their way to the top ot the list.

Why the importance of a professional? Because a website can be designed very well, but if it doesn’t have the foundational coding to be able to rank your business, it is basically useless for trying to build a business. So, find a company, schedule a meeting and ask questions. Make sure who you choose is “in it to help you succeed”. You will need a company that understands Search engine optimization, google review management, local reach and branding and how to engage and encourage prospective customers to call you. Depending on your business…Offer introductory discounts or free trials to attract new customers….and I’m sure reading this, that you are already thinking about other ways to add to this. But don’t spin your wheels, and really understand that EVERYTHING starts with a strong online presence. All your other efforts must still point a prospective customer to see your work and validate your company with a professional website….and Remember, consistency and persistence are key. Tailor your approach based on your target audience and continuously analyze and adapt your strategies based on what works best for your business.

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