New York City, often called the culinary capital of the world, is a melting pot of diverse cultures and cuisines. Among the vast array of international flavors, Korean cuisine stands out as a favorite among food enthusiasts. With its bold flavors, tantalizing spices, and a wide variety of dishes, Korean food has won the hearts of many New Yorkers. In this blog, we will take you on a delightful journey through the best Korean restaurants in New York, where you can savor the authentic taste of Korea.

Jongro BBQ:
Located in the heart of K-Town, Jongro BBQ is a haven for Korean barbecue enthusiasts. Step inside this vibrant restaurant, and you’ll be greeted with the sizzle of juicy meats on the grill. Choose from an extensive selection of premium cuts of beef, pork, and chicken. Don’t miss out on their signature dishes like Galbi (marinated short ribs), Samgyeopsal (pork belly), and Bulgogi (marinated beef). Complement your barbecue experience with an array of traditional banchan (side dishes) and you’re in for an unforgettable feast.

Her Name is Han:
If you’re seeking a modern yet authentic Korean dining experience, Her Name is Han is the place to go. This chic restaurant artfully combines traditional Korean flavors with contemporary twists. Indulge in dishes like Japchae (sweet potato glass noodles), Kimchi Pancakes, and Haemul Pajeon (seafood scallion pancake). With its cozy ambiance and warm hospitality, Her Name is Han offers a memorable fusion of tradition and innovation.

Escape the bustling streets of New York and step into the serene world of Hangawi. This vegan Korean restaurant embraces the concept of “chumchurum,” or the balance of flavors. Discover a range of plant-based delights like Bibimbap, Japchae, and delectable Tofu Kimchi. The minimalist decor and floor-seating create a tranquil atmosphere that perfectly complements the wholesome and nutritious dishes.

Don’s Bogam:
For an upscale and refined Korean dining experience, Don’s Bogam is a top choice. This Michelin-starred restaurant in Manhattan elevates Korean classics to a new level of sophistication. From the savory and spicy Yukgaejang (spicy beef soup) to the delicate and delicious Haemul Tang (seafood stew), each dish is a work of art. Don’s Bogam is an ideal spot for celebrating special occasions or indulging in a luxurious Korean meal.

Woorijip Korean Restaurant:
Woorijip is a beloved spot for those seeking authentic Korean flavors in a casual setting. Located in Koreatown, this cafeteria-style eatery offers a diverse selection of traditional dishes. Load your tray with delectable Mandu (dumplings), Kimbap (Korean sushi rolls), and various types of Kimchi. The affordable prices and quick service make it a go-to spot for lunch or a quick bite.


From the sizzling grills of Jongro BBQ to the vegan delights at Hangawi, New York City offers an impressive range of Korean culinary experiences. Whether you’re an adventurous foodie or simply seeking comfort food, the best Korean restaurants in New York have something to satisfy every palate. Embrace the rich flavors and aromas of Korea’s diverse cuisine, and let the culinary journey through New York City transport you to the heart of Korea. So, gather your friends and family, and embark on a gastronomic adventure that will leave you craving for more. Enjoy your Korean food exploration in the vibrant city of New York!

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