When it comes to food, New York City is the place to be this summer! Whether its restaurant week or not, there are a ton of different eateries to choose from. And while the five boroughs get most of the fanfare when it comes to the best restaurants and places to eat, oftentimes, Long Island gets overlooked. The fact is that Long Island actually has a number of amazing restaurants and places to eat. Whether it’s Italian cuisine, new American, or your favorite steakhouse, there are tons of different options to choose from. In this article, we will be going over the 10 best restaurants on Long Island you need to try this summer.

Farm Country Kitchen

Located in a renovated 1800’s colonial home, along the banks of the Peconic River, Farm Country Kitchen offers you an amazing selection of seasonal farm-to-table ingredients. The menu is constantly changing and being updated by expert chefs Todd Sabatini and Tom Carson, but they offer a wide selection of New American cuisine – including salads, wraps, paninis, and more.

Bostwick’s Chowder House

A favorite for visitors of the Hamptons, Bostwick’s has been around for the last 20 years offering a wide variety of seafood options from lobster rolls, a basket of fried clams, swordfish, halibut, mako, tuna, and much more.


One of the most popular seafood restaurants on Long Island, Port Jefferson’s own Nantucket’s serves traditional American favorites, fresh fish and other seafood options that everyone loves. Plus, they’ve got a full bar that mixes classical and modern, fresh-prepared cocktails, wine, and craft beers. Their signature cocktail is the Lobster Bacon Bloody Mary.

Toast Coffeehouse

Patchogue’s most famous breakfast spot, Toast has been around since 2016 and was opened by restaurateur Terence Scarlatos. While the breakfast burritos, waffles and omelets are great, the lunch and dinner specials are just as in-demand.

LT Burger

LT Burger is the pride of chef Laurent Tourondel, and is a take on traditional American fast food burger joints with a high class twist. The bright colored space is equipped with a fireplace, and subway tiled walls that provide the perfect ambience for the amazing burgers, shakes and much more.


A newly renovated Bay Shore bistro, Tullulah’s has a sleek bar and spacious dining room with a highly minimalist decor, leather banquettes, and more. The food is also very innovative and unique, including everything from sliders and risotto to suckling pig confit, and venison.

Shiro of Japan

What is probably Long Island’s most famous sushi and hibachi restaurant, Shiro of Japan offers tons of different sushi and sashimi options. Plus, they have a wide selection of high quality hibachi meat dinner entrees.

Montauk Yacht Club

Located within the iconic Montauk Yacht Club Resort & Marina, this is by far one of the best waterfront eateries to choose when visiting the Hamptons. They are famous for their amazing brunches on the weekends and breakfast and lunch in full season. Also a great place to grab a drink when you are in the mood.

Vittorio’s Restaurant & Wine Bar

One of the most famous Italian restaurants in Amityville, Vittorio is famous for its aged steaks and an excellent wine list with a number of amazing specials. It’s one of those places with elegant tablecloths and a fancy dining room with soft white lighting.

Harbor Crab Co.

Along the Patchogue River, Harbor Crab Co. offers some of the best seafood options available on Long Island. And its a great place to enjoy a cold beer or your favorite cocktail and some nice live music.

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