In 2022 the influencer space is full of all different kinds of opinions and perspectives, and no matter what your areas of interest might be there is something there for everyone! When we think of influencers we tend to have a type in mind, but Spirulina Sims and her new lifestyle blog, Jillion Trinkets truly break the mold!

A businesswoman, a writer, a cook, a traveler, an amateur interior designer, fledgling real estate mogul, and a budget shopper all rolled into one, Spirulina Sims isn’t your average influencer by any means. And her lifestyle blog, Jillion Trinkets isn’t your average blog either! A favorite amongst its readership, Jillion Trinkets has become a place for Spirulina to give users a peek into her lifestyle and all that it entails.

From some of her favorite recipes, travel tips, and fashion pointers, to business topics, thoughts on black culture, and a whole lot more, Jillion Trinkets provides its users with insights into some of the latest topics and helpful ideas that can help them to enhance their lives in more ways than one.

Spirulina Sims would describe herself as a “Martha Stewart in Training”! With a love of learning new things, a passion for travel, the arts, culture, and helping others she is already accomplished so much in her life. She has spent her adult life, perfecting the art of living. And found a number of unique and worthwhile tips, tricks, and pointers to help others live their best life, as she does on a daily basis. is the source of all her knowledge and experiences, and with it, she hopes to help others take the steps they need to make the best out of any situation. Check out and today to see all that Spirulina has to offer!

About Spirulina Sims & Jillion Trinkets
A published author, having written a book on the subject of “Couponing”, a real estate investor with a number of rental properties and Airbnb’s, and a business owner – Spirulina Sims has truly found a path to living her best life! And through her blog, Jillion Trinkets, she hopes to help others and share all that she has learned on her path to self-optimization and lifestyle improvement. Jillion Trinkets is a well-written, thoughtful canvas for her knowledge and experiences that she is proud to share with the world!

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