The summer is here, and families across the country are looking forward to fun, safe activities to do with their children. And living in New York State, there is always something to do! Whether you want to take a trip into Manhattan, and check out one of the many attractions there, or you’re looking for something a little less busy in the suburbs of Long Island, there is always something to do here! Long Island has a lot more to offer than many people realize and one of the most underrated parts of Long Island is its connection between wildlife and animals! Long Island is actually home to a number of amazing zoos and offers tons of activities where you and your whole family can get up close and personal with all different kinds of animals! In this article, we will be going through a few of the best zoos on Long Island to visit this summer.

The Long Island Game Farm

What is considered to be the largest combined wildlife park and children’s zoo on Long Island, the Long Island Game Farm has been a favorite of families across Long Island for ages! The Long Island Game Farm offers a natural environment where you and your whole family can enjoy some peace and quiet, slow down and learn about interacting with animals, through direct contact. One of the most kid-friendly establishments around on Long Island.

Animal Farm Petting Zoo

An expansive, 10-acre park that’s open to the public, the Animal Farm Petting Zoo is run by the Long Island Zoological Society. A group that has been around since 1981, the Long Island Zoological Society provides care and comfort to animals in need of shelter, whether they are simply homeless or were unwanted pets looking for a home. They have a variety of farm animals, birds, reptiles, exotic animals and more.

White Post Animal Farm & Petting Zoo

Petting zoos are a throwback and not something that kids these days often know about, but they certainly need to be educated about them! At the White Post Animal Farm and Petting Zoo, you can get a chance to hand feed or even bottle feed all different types of animals, from llamas, alpacas, to even a giraffe if you’re lucky! Located right on Old Country Road in Melville, its a popular destination for families this summer.

The Long Island Aquarium

While it might not be a zoo in the traditional sense, the Long Island Aquarium is a place where families and individuals can see a number of amazing sea creatures and animals. If you are into marine animals, the Long Island Aquarium has a ton of different sharks, turtles, tropical fish, penguins and much more!

Queens County Farm

Okay, so its not technically one of the best zoos on Long Island since its located in Queens, but it is literally only 10 blocks away from being considered Nassau County! The Queens County Farm is a favorite amongst many families all across the 5 boroughs and Long Island, as it offers everything from hayrides in the fall, to pumpkin picking, rides, games and much more! Plus you can pet and feed the animals and its a great place to bring the kids.

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