An evening conversation recapping the family’s day has led to this post. After hearing multiple stories of happenings of encounters with rude, tempered, even crazy acting people in various situations all led to the same general remark, which was “it must be a full Moon”. That got me wondering. Does the Moon actually have a physical effect on human behavioral traits?

If you research some points you will find that the Latin origin root of “lunacy” comes from “luna” or “the Moon”, it is said that Greek philosopher Aristotle believed that madness and even epilepsy were caused by the Moon. Various psychologists have claimed through writings and studies that the full Moon intensity makes folks emotional and anxious, and some believe that intensity can also have effects on your dreams or cause additional nightmares. With this type of findings, the mood and the moon have been discussion points for a long, long time.

There obviously has always been a stigma around the full moon that intensifies scenarios. Seems like every horror film always features full moon scenes, especially when some type of monster is involved… I guess a werewolf in a field of daisies on a sunny spring morning just wouldn’t have the same effect. But filmmakers use it for a reason. It really does set a mood, at least for their purpose.

With all that said, there must be some truth to this ancient myth. Just pay attention to your surroundings. Seems like more people are rude, drivers are more careless, things that normally just pass have a little more sting to them, argumentative situations seem more prevalent and just seems to be a bit more tension in the air. It’s hard to say, but I go back to the general response as any of these things occur which is “It must be a full Moon”, which the receiver of that response seems to accept as reasonable. So, myth, wive’s tale, silly belief or not, the next time there is a full moon, pay attention to those around you. There may just be something to it.

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