Did you know?

Rocky Point was the home and studio of the famous sculptor, Temima Gezari?

You can find this sculpture in Veteran’s Memorial Park, off 25A behind the bakery. Temima was a teacher, author, painter and sculptor.
Her life’s work was dedicated to the development of the “human potential” and finding creativity in all. She was a remarkable woman who remained active, living to over 100 years old.

The Rocky Point Historical Society will be hosting an exhibition of Temima Gezari’s art at the Hallock Homestead on Saturday September 2nd, beginning at 10:00 am.

Interested in learning more?
Tour the historic Hallock Homestead, Saturdays 1 – 3pm.
172 Hallock Landing Road, Rocky Point, NY.
Check out our Facebook page: Rocky Point Historical Society

Website: Www.rockypointhistoricalsociety.org

Rocky Point Historical Society
“Preserving the stories of those who came before us.”

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