Our location has been supplying fishermen with fresh bait and all their tackle needs for decades. Now under new ownership we have expanded our store tremendously to serve you better than anyone else. And better than ever before. Owner Ray Curiale, best known for co-owning the famous King Cod out of Moriches, is an avid fisherman and was born and raised in the local area so he knows the fishing grounds and can outfit you with what you’ll need to have a great day fishing. Fully stocked on all seasonal baits, a huge selection of tackle for all local species, rods, reels, gear, apparel and marine products… We are your one stop shop opening daily at 5am.

Shark Bait, Tackle and Marine is centrally located to be a convenient stop whether you are fishing Smiths Point, Moriches or Shinnecock. Located right on Montauk Highway in Mastic, you are only minutes away from your first cast.

Fully Stocked Bait, Tackle & Marine supplies. Under New Ownership in 2023. Centrally located and convenient to the South Shore Fishing Grounds.



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