Summer is here! The children have finished school for the year and the first place they want to go to the beach. The beach is the perfect spot to begin our summer crafting journey. There are so many blank canvases to use for our projects. I love to collect shells, driftwood, rocks, beach glass and miscellaneous unknown objects from just walking up and down the beach. It is like a treasure hunt. Everything I find can be a possible art masterpiece. The look of it, the feel, and the shape all speak to me in a creative language. I gather my treasures and begin to create.

The materials needed are easy to obtain and use at the beach or another place. First, I like to start with a simple project, a painted rock or shell. Children love to create and paint! Shells and rocks can turn into animals, a frog, sea turtle, crab, fishes, and imaginary creatures yet to be discovered. I love to allow children to reach into their imagination in order to create something unique and new. This project helps children to be better observers to detail and the environment around them. Art is always a learning experience even though it is so much fun.

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