If you want to change your perspective on things, and put a little effort into doing so, start your day with something different. Witness the sunrise. Why the mention of effort? Well most folks are well between the sheets at the 5am hour, especially on weekends in the summer. Being able to truly get the whole experience requires getting out there about an hour before scheduled time. Get to your spot, whether it be on a beach, in a field or simply in your yard or a park near your home… get to your spot when it’s still dark, not a glimpse of light, then settle in and wait. Let your senses open, smell the air, hear the sounds of the pre-dawn and then wait. Soon, you will begin to believe your eyes are seeing it get lighter around you. Take it all in, be it alone or with someone, try to absorb what is going on around you. There is plenty of time for conversation later. This is the time of quiet, solitude, even meditation. Let the thoughts and troubles of the world around you dissipate into the darkness and quiet. Then pay attention.

As the first golden rays pierce the horizon, you almost are surprised. Your eyes squint trying not to miss anything, because from that second on, things happen very quickly. As the sun becomes visible, the environment immediately changes around you, the sounds change, the birds awake instantly, the world seems to be waking around you and you are smack in the middle of the show. Smells seem to increase and then the amazing feeling of the warmth from the rising sun hits your face. As fast as the first spec of light appears, the entire sun becomes visible and although you may have gotten lost in a bit of time, it seems only like a second has passed.

Anyone, regardless of background, belief or life experience, can be humbled by this magical moment spent being an actual part of the starting of a day. There certainly has been many studies that state physically watching the sunrise is a great signal to our brains that it is time to start the day, as well as the assistance it gives our bodys to set our internal clocks and all of that and more increases the release of endorphins that are actually proven to make one feel better, more energetic, happier.

Life is uncertain. Damn scary at times…. But watching, or should I say experiencing the sunrise seems to dissipate that uncertainty. Many say they have a feeling of peace, of clarity, being able to focus and believe new potentials, some experience the pure power of nature, the wonderment of what seems to be life giving change…many just feel better. Who knows? Everyone is different, everyone reacts differently to things… but you will never know unless you do it yourself.
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