When it comes to the world of dermatological medicine, we often think about issues involving the skin like acne, skin rashes like eczema and psoriasis, or even serious issues like skin cancer. however, it’s important to understand, according to Dr. Kling or Kling Dermatology, the best dermatologist Brooklyn has to offer, the field of dermatology involves a lot more than skin issues and a few rashes or the administration or cosmetic treatments like Botox or Chemical peels. One of the least known areas of dermatology is the treatment of HPV or human papillomavirus – as well as its surrounding symptoms and treatments such as warts removal NYC dermatologists have been treating these issues for years upon years. As the top HPV specialist Manhattan and NYC as a whole has to offer, Dr. Alan Kling has been helping patients suffering from this and other STI’s for some time now, and while it might not seem to be a dermatology issue, the fact is that the presence of HPV brings about other issues such as the presence of unwanted genital warts. When it comes to warts removal NYC patients aren’t as educated as they should be not he subject. While treating the underlying HPV is the main concern, they must also address the warts themselves. It’s important to understand that there is no cure for this infection, but there are various ways of removing the warts. And while there are methods of at-home removal or alleviating their presence, the fact is that most methods, those that work best, require a person to see a healthcare provider such as Dr. Kling, the best dermatologist 10028 has to offer. Despite how prevalent HPV is and how common genital warts are as a whole, many New Yorkers aren’t as educated as they should, as we mentioned, therefore in this article, we will be addressing some important factors to know.

What are Genital Warts?
Before we delve into their treatment, we must first understand what genital warts actually are. When it comes to warts removal NYC experts often advise, and as we mentioned previously, there is no cure for full-on HPV, but patients should look to treat the presence of the symptoms such as genital warts or anal warts. Genital warts are small growths that develop around the genitals or anus. According to Dr. Kling, the best dermatologist 10028 has to offer, they are also known as venereal warts, or condylomata acuminata. The warts form into small clusters, and are often small – around 5 millimeters or so in diameter. However, in some cases they can grow into larger masses, especially when left untreated. Genital warts are not usually painful, but they can cause itching, redness, or discomfort, and they may bleed. And while they are benign and noncancerous, cosmetically they present a problem for many patients.

The fact is that according to Dr. Kling, the best dermatologist Brooklyn has to offer, genital warts aren’t nearly as common as some people think. In fact, only about 1 in every 10 people suffering from HPV actually present with genital warts or anal warts. And the CDC estimates that 1 in every 100 sexually active adults suffer from genital warts in the US.

Genital Wart Treatment
According to Dr. Kling, the top HPV specialist Manhattan has in practice, when it comes to genital warts removal NYC patients need to understand that treatment isn’t always permanent and even when you get rid of them, they can often return. again, as we have mentioned, there is no true cure for HPV – there are only methods and medications to help you to cope with the illness. Creams and lotions can eliminate the warts over time, and there are various procedures to remove them.Genital wart outbreaks usually resolve without treatment. However, in some cases, the warts grow or multiply without intervention. Also, treating outbreaks of these warts can greatly reduce the risk of transmission. When it comes to genital warts removal NYC experts generally recommend the following:

Topical Medication: Application of a cream or liquid directly to the warts, for several weeks.

Cryotherapy: Application of liquid nitrogen to the effected area, causing the development of blisters around the warts. This will cause them to eventually fall off – can take a number of sessions.

Electrocautery: Use of an electric current to remove the warts.

Laser Therapy: Using an intense laser beam to remove the unwanted warts, similar to laser skin resurfacing.

Surgery: Removing the warts via a scalpel and a surgical method.

For more information on HPV, and genital warts, be sure to contact Dr. Kling today.

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