When it comes to aesthetic enhancement, it’s important to understand, that when it’s done by a trained professional, who is fully certified and experienced, it can be a lot of fun. And as long as you aren’t becoming obsessed or in any way addicted to having aesthetic enhancement procedures done, there really isn’t a ton of harm to most minimally invasive cosmetic treatments. As the popular instagram saying goes, “A little Botox never hurt nobody!”. And this idea, along with the issues surrounding the most recent pandemic, has reintroduced the idea of private Botox parties at home to countless aesthetic enhancement fans! According to the team at Dr. V’s NY MedSpa, known for the best at home Botox parties NYC has to offer, Botox parties as they are often referred to, aren’t actually a new thing, and while they are often referred to as Botox parties, there is a lot more than just private Botox injections occurring at these events. These parties have been occurring since the advent of Botox, and actually got their inspiration from aesthetic parties that women have been having dating back to the 40’s and 50’s, where women would have facials and peels done, and enjoy each others company. When it comes to private Botox parties at home, there is truly a lot you can encompass into things, and they are a perfect social gathering for a few like-minded friends, to enjoy some aesthetic enhancement, cosmetic pampering, some good food, and entertainment. In this article, we will be going through a few of the most important points to having private Botox parties at home.

A Professional or Certified Injector
This is absolutely the most important aspect of having private Botox injections done at home, when it comes to at home Botox parties, they will often include a lot more than just Botox, and other injectables, they may include the use of certain facials, topical creams, cleanses and more. And while these procedures don’t necessarily require a certified injector, the use of Private Botox injections or dermal filler injections most certainly do! This is why Dr. V and his team at My MD Spa, when offering their at-home Botox parties – a worthwhile service to help you throw your party, they will supply the expert injector, ensuring you and your guests can have your injections done safely and without any risks, as it is actually not legal for Botox to be used by just anybody. This will also ensure you have an aesthetic expert on hand to advise against combining different procedures or topicals that might clash and someone who can recommend the use of certain procedures or products over others, while also being there to safely inject you and your guests.

The Right Location
One of the most vital aspects is choosing the right location for your Botox party. The fact is that having a Botox party, doesn’t mean thats the reason for the party – it might simply be a nice add-on to something like your bridal shower, bachelorette party, or just your birthday. It’s important that you obviously advise people that this will be an option for the party, so they are ready to be injected if they choose to be, but whether or not Botox or aesthetic treatments are the main theme of the party is up to you! It works great as a supplement or additional side-item to the party as well. But the location you choose is vital. Its got to be a large enough space to hold people while also having an area for the person to be injected comfortably. Commonly, women will choose to have their private Botox home parties at their house, but renting out a space is okay too as long as its clean and sanitary. We have even seen people bring the Botox parties to their office, or a garden party – there are tons of options, preferably inside works best.

Food, Drink and Entertainment
The fact is that the key word to an at home Botox party is that it is still a party. Therefore its important that you always remember that and it isn’t just you and your friends all waiting in line for Botox! Make sure to have good food, appetizers, maybe some dinner, drinks, non-alcoholic for those being injected, and maybe some alcohol for those that aren’t! Also other forms of entertainment, maybe some music, whether it be from your stereo system, or even a ive band that you’ve hired. Make sure to decorate, and think about including other activities and even other aesthetic enhancement treatments.

For more information be sure to contact At Home Botox and Dr. V today.

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