When it comes to maintaining and the overall upkeep of your home, there is quite a bit that needs to be done as a new homeowner. The fact is that running a home isn’t an easy job, and often requires quite a bit of maintenance and is a huge responsibility – this is the reason why many individuals look to professionals to provide them with such repairs and maintenance services. When it comes to plumbing & heating services in Suffolk or Nassau for instance, one of the best places for a new homeowner to look for professionals is Casa Concierge, a newly created service, that helps to connect homeowners and individuals with professionals across multiple different fields. Casa Concierge has been a huge help for many, whether they are in need of maintenance help, repair work, or new construction services Suffolk and Nassau homeowners can turn to Casa Concierge and visit their website and find companies and service providers who are pre-vetted and known to provide a top class service, and are known to be quite trustworthy. Whether you need an emergency plumber to handle a late night pipe leak that could easily cause a flood to develop, or you just moved in and are in the need of some general plumbing & heating services in Nassau or Suffolk, Casa Concierge is definitely the place to find the best professionals in your area. Despite the fact that its often best to go with professionals when you need plumbing & heating services in Suffolk or Nassau, there is quite a bit that you need to know as a homeowner as well. And it’s vital that you take the time to understand important aspects of your plumbing and heating, for everyday tasks, unlike in the event of a devastating leak or clog, when you would want to contact emergency plumbers. In this article, we will be going over a few of the most frequently asked questions about residential plumbing amongst new homeowners.

Where Does the Water Actually Come From?
This might sound like a really simple question, but for the most part, when it comes to residential plumbing, you would be surprised how little most homeowners truly understand about such topics. This is especially important for individuals who live in smaller more rural towns. The fact is that running water in a household or business comes either from a public supplier, such as a city, or from a well on private property. Government entities usually store water in big towers and then deliver it to homes through miles and miles of pipe. Private supplies are more common in rural areas where homes and businesses do not have access to a public supply. The system is much smaller in scale and simpler: A pump draws water from a well for distribution inside the house or business.

How Should You Cut Off the Water in Case of Emergency?
One of the most important things you should know as a homeowner is where and how to use the water main or main shut off valve. Most structures have a main shutoff valve near the utilities on the ground floor, such as in the garage, basement or a closet, as well as another shutoff near the street or well that may be underground inside a manhole. This is especially important in the event of a leak or some kind of an issue, before you can contact emergency plumbers to come handle thigns, you need to shut off the water to avoid a flood.

How to Clear a Clog & Speed Up Drain Flow?
This is very helpful to know as a homeowner. All too often when someone is in need of plumbing & heating services in Suffolk or Nassau county, its simply because they have a small clog, and because they didn’t know how to fix it when it was small, it became bigger, and caused much more damage over time as it worsened. The two clogging agents that probably wreak the most havoc in plumbing are hair in the bathroom and grease in the kitchen, though soap, detergents and many other materials can cause clogs and slow drainage. For hair, you can buy drain screens at the home-improvement store to prevent hair from going down the drain. If hair is already in the drain, you can buy a plastic drain-cleaner tool, which features ragged edges that grab the hair as you move it in and out of the drain. Avoid such things and try to research ways to combat drain issues and clogs.

How Do You Keep Your Toilet Running Well for Years?
The fact is that your toilet is one of the most used appliances int he home, and while no-one wants to think of it on a daily basis, there are a number of things you can do to extend its life and ensure it runs properly on a daily basis. It’s important to remember that nothing belongs in a toilet besides water, waste, biodegradable toilet paper and the occasional cleaner. That includes the allegedly flushable wipes that have become so popular in recent years. The so-called flushable wipes have prompted awareness campaigns and lawsuits due to damage from the clogs they cause. Keep a trashcan beside the toilet as a way of preventing the temptation to flush foreign objects that may include wipes, baby diapers, feminine-hygiene products and other items that can harm the plumbing. Another good thing to remember is to keep a cleaner and a plunger at the side of your toilet at all times, it will only help to extend its life that much more.

For more information on residential plumbing experts and other home repair professionals, be sure to contact Casa Concierge today.

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