When it comes to marketing your business in 2021, as we all know, the vast majority of us are using the internet. Whether you’re a local band or solo musical artist, trying to get your independent music heard, or small business who just opened its doors, or even a multi-national company, who’s been doing business for years – the vast majority of marketing platforms that have the best return on investment these days are online. And while using social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are vital, and a strong search engine presence on Google is important, the fact is that there are certain types of traditional marketing that are still quite effective. One such example is the use of custom logo clothes, customized apparel, and other accessories – adorned with your company’s name, logo and other vital information you want to get to the customer. Using a platform like Apparel Boss, if you are looking to buy custom logo apparel & polos, tee shirts, hoodies and whatever else you can imagine has never been easier! Apparel Boss allows you to order custom embroidered clothing, apparel and accessories with your logo, important sayings, company information, contact information and much more. Using such a service, businesses of all types and sizes have been able to market their goods and services using their own workforce and customers, in effect, as walking billboards! When it comes to custom t-shirt printing and ordering custom embroidered shirts, hoodies, hats and other apparel – even aprons, gloves, and uniforms, no platform makes it as easy as Apparel Boss. You can get your whole team of workers outfitted in custom embroidered shirts within just a few clicks! Despite how valuable of a marketing source this might be, many individuals are fairly uneducated on the east methods of using such advertising to their benefit. So just as we have in our previous article, here are a few more ideas for marketing your business with custom embroidered clothing and apparel, from Apparel Boss.

Creating a Better, More Communal Company Feel
The fact is that there is a lot of stress in the workplace, whether you work at a big or small company. And using custom clothing and apparel, you can not only have your workforce adorned in matching clothing, with logos, fun sayings, and ensure that they all feel as though they are part of one team. plus, this brand your company wherever you and your workforce go, allow you to seem like one, well oiled machine. And this allows others to take more of an interest, and see your company as more of a lifestyle brand, no matter what industry you might be. It tells people this is more than just someone selling something, but its something to be a part of.

Clothing for Goals & Achievements
One of the best ways to market your business through custom logo clothes, and custom embroidered clothing is by giving out specialty shirts to customers, clients and employees – for reaching certain milestones or achievements. Lets say you have a special shirt for anyone who has spent over $1000 with your company, or give out a special shirt to every fan who pre-ordered your next album early. Or even gave an employee a special shirt, for reaching a record for monthly sales. This will incentivize people to want the awards, and give them something to try and accomplish.

Deals and Promotions
We’ve all gotten marketing emails or newsletters from companies showing their annual Christmas sales promos. Well, why not order custom t-shirt printing from Apparel Boss and put it on a custom embroidered shirt. With Apparel Boss you can buy custom logo apparel & polos or tee shirts, that outline a certain special time in your company’s year, or showcase a special promotion, and while it might seem odd, you have no idea, who will see it and wonder, wow, that’s a great deal, I might as well check it out!

Charity Connections
One of the best things about a company is when they are able to give back to a charity or work in conjunction for some kind of a cause. As we mentioned in our previous article, the example about JP Morgan Chase and their breast cancer walk, often companies will connect with charities and drop a special edition tee shirt, where the proceeds might also benefit the charity. This not only connects you personally with the charity themselves, but it also shows this connection to your audience and allows them to see you as more than just offering things for sale, and actually giving back!

For more information on custom apparel and clothing, visit ApparelBoss.com today.

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