As the fall season is fast approaching, and we are leaving behind the intense heat of Miami’s summer months, and the issues surrounding the pandemic have finally come to a close its definitely time to get back on our skincare and aesthetic enhancement protocol to get ready for the holidays and next spring. For many individuals this means getting back to the gym, seeing the dermatologist and getting their skin and overall health back on track. however, for many men and women, who are getting up their in age, it might be time to look into certain injectable treatments, such as Botox and injectable dermal fillers. The fact is that while there are new and innovative treatments coming out each and every day, according to the team at Miami Wellness, the best medical spa Miami has to offer, when it comes to dermal fillers and lip fillers Brickell and Miami patients simply can’t get enough of them. And this also stands true for individuals across the country as well, not just throughout the South Florida area. When it comes to using products like Juvederm Ultra, Restylane, Sculptra and more, the fact is that injectable dermal fillers simply can’t be beat in many regards. They are simply so effective, and more versatile – handling a wide variety of age related issues, with fewer side effects and downtime than many other far more invasive treatments. A few simple injections every few months can leave your face looking younger than it has in years – and especially when you visit a professional with knowledge and experience such as the team at Miami Wellness, the best medical spa Miami has to offer. In this article, we will be going through a few of the most interest injectable dermal fillers you should look into for this fall season.

No matter where you go in the country, or who you talk to in the world of aesthetic enhancement, when you are talking injectable dermal fillers or lip fillers Brickell experts and everybody else will always mention Juvederm and its family of products such as Juvederm Ultra. The fact is that its a hyaluronic acid based dermal filler, that provides some of the best possible results around, no matter what your age, or skincare issues might be. Whether you need it to combat wrinkles along the forehead, the cheeks, discoloration and hollows under the eyes, or even use it as a lip filler Brickell experts at Miami Wellness, the best medical spa Miami has to offer, will always tell you to go with Juvederm first. Its versatility is a key, but other than that, many patients feel it not only gives the best results, but also provides some of the most natural and un-enhanced looking results around as well. For those with more sensitive skin it might be best to try Juvederm Ultra, and other variations with lidocaine to take some of the edge off the injection.

A close, probably the single closest competitor to Juvederm is Restylane and Restylane family of fillers. The fact is that to many patients and to most aesthetic experts, Juvederm and Restylane are 1 and 1a, as they are both hyaluronic acid based, and both have a number of different formulations to alleviate all different types of facial wrinkles, forehead issues, discolorations, under-eye hollows, they work like amazing lip fillers, and can both be used in conjunction with a wide variety of other treatments. The fact is that you will never go wrong choosing Restylane, and some say it offers some of the best contouring and provides the most definitive lip shape, as a lip filler of all the injectable dermal fillers around.

This one is a bit of a sleeper, and one that many patients still have no clue about – but the fact is that according to any Radiesse specialist, it has slowly become a favorite amongst all manner of patients in need of a wide variety of different treatments and anti-aging help. Unlike the other HA-based fillers above, Radiesse uses a CaHA base, which acts in a very special way and for some patients provides a much better level of filling. While it isn’t as natural, as it doesn’t mesh as well as the HA-base, it does help to stimulate the production of natural collagen far better than others. According to the Radiesse specialist at Miami Wellness, it is best used for smoothing moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds, such as nasolabial folds (the creases that extend from the corner of your nose to the corner of your mouth).

Whether you call it Sculptra or Sculptra Aesthetic, this is also one of the most widely slept on injectable dermal fillers around yet it is also highly effective and provides patients with an amazing level of enhancement they simply couldn’t find using other dermal fillers. One of the biggest hallmarks of Sculptra is that is helps to build natural collagen stores, and as an injectable poly-L-lactic acid filler, it uses a highly different mechanism of filling – therefore it works better for certain patients with specific needs, that might be better off with Sculptra over a Juvederm product.

For more information on fillers, and other treatments be sure to contact Dr. Hamdiya today.

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