In the world of skincare, there are new and unique procedures coming out each and every day. And with so many new options for skincare out there, and each of them claiming to offer a wide variety of different results and benefits that can completely alter your skin’s appearance, it can be difficult to identify what really works the way it should, and which one is right for you. And while you can spend thousands of dollars on trying each and every different option, and putting your skin through the rigors of constant trial and error, this just isn’t realistic at all. This is why for most patients, before you move on to more advanced skincare procedures, its important to try out the basics, and see what type of effect they have on your skin. According to the Botox specialist at Alluring Image, the best medspa Delray Beach has to offer, while injectables like Botox and dermal fillers are a great option, and something that a lot of patients should certainly try, these are more directed towards enhancing the skin and appearance, as opposed to improving the skin’s health and allowing it to look and feel its best. To get even simpler, the Botox specialist at Alluring Image, the best medspa Delray Beach has in practice, recommend that you try out procedures like facials and chemical peels. These procedures offer patients a means of cleansing their skin, while helping to exfoliate and alleviate unwanted blemishes, spots, discolorations and much more. And when it comes to facials and chemical peels, as the best medspa Delray Beach has to offer, Alluring Image has a ton of different options for you, no matter what your skincare issues might be, and no matter what your skin type is. in this article, we will be going over a few of the most important things to know about facials and chemical peels and all the of the different options available to patients at the medical spa.

What are Facials & Chemical Peels and How Do They Work?
To begin, its important to understand what these procedures actually are, and what they entail – especially before you have them done yourself. Chemical peels are specializes skincare treatments that utilize skincare acids of differing strengths which can delve to different depths into the skin’s most inner layers. These include light peel which generally tackle superficial issues, medium acids, t, and the deep acid peels, which delve into the innermost deepest levels of the skin, and have the strongest effect on the skin. These are different from facials, as they generally don’t use any actual acid treatments but rather a series of skincare cleansers, botanicals, topical creams, and different types of skincare infusions which include vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and more. Chemical peels are designed to be more aggressive and act as a means of exfoliating the skin more than facials do, which simply are used to enhance the skin and make it healthy rather than removing the damaged areas.

Different Chemical Peel Strengths
When using light peels, these are mostly designed for individuals who have mostly superficial issues, and don’t need too much skincare enhancement. These are also great for patients who have the most sensitive of skin and will only remove the outermost layers of the skin. These can be done fairly often, as they don’t have too much of a drastic effect on the skin. When it comes to medium chemical peels however, these are a bit more aggressive and remove both the outermost layer of skin, as well as the upper reaches of the skin’s middle layer. generally, after a medium chemical peel you must wait at least a few months before getting another one. Now when it comes to the deepest level of chemical peel, it removes the middle and lower portions of the dermis and the middle layers of skin, and each treatment will require two weeks to heal fully, unlike the others which will only require a few days.

Benefits of Facials & Chemical Peels
While they are different in their mechanism of action, and choose to combat issues in a different way, facials and chemical peels can often provide similar benefits to patients. Generally, some of the most common benefits include things like helping to treat issues such as dry skin, rough skin, hyperpigmentation, acne, acne scars, sunspots, and even some light wrinkles. However, wrinkles aren’t a main method of treatment for facials in most cases, according to the Botox specialist at Alluring Image. And when using facials, there are many different types, and depending on the combination of ingredients used, you can create a completely different facial that is designed to help in a completely different way. At Alluring Image, the best medspa Delray Beach has to offer, they have facials that include the Anti-Aging Facial – designed to treat age related issues with collagen creams, vitamin infusions, and a specialized massage, plus you can add things like micro needling or light therapy to enhance the effects even further. Some of the other common facials include the Hydrating Facial – designed to add moisture and eliminate dry skin, the Glow Facial – which combats dull, dead skin, and provides exfoliation to reveal a fresh, glowing surface, and the Acne Facial – which uses specialized cleansers, and anti-bacterial elements to clean the skin, open up the pores and empty clogged pores of unwanted dirt and debris that causes breakouts. Plus, with certain specialty facials patients can add things like Chakra Crystals, that some believe adds certain energies to their skin, as well as Gold-leaf and CBD serum infusions.

At Alluring Image, once they perform a skincare analysis they will be able to let you know which chemical peels and facials are right for you. For more information on these procedures, be sure to contact Alluring Image today.

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