New York City – Empire Closets, the leading provider of custom closet design, home storage and organization solutions, is on a mission to help New Yorkers conquer clutter and maximize their living spaces this summer! With the city’s hustle lifestyle and limited space, Manhattan residents face unique challenges when it comes to organizing their homes and apartments. Empire Closets is excited to offer its expertise in custom organization, storage, and interior design work to bring efficient and stylish solutions to residents all over Manhattan and beyond!

While vibrant city living is a dream for most, the cost and space restrictions can prevent us from making it reality. Homes and apartments are notoriously cramped and lacking storage and many New Yorkers are forced to leave vital belongings in storage or if they’re lucky, back home with mom and dad. Empire Closets has come up with designs specifically for urbanites looking to tackle clutter and maximize functionality, without compromising looks!

“We understand the struggles of New Yorkers, because we are New Yorkers! Clutter makes it impossible to be your best self!” said an Empire source. “At Empire, we’re committed to working with your space and budget to get you organized. No matter what your lifestyle is like – we’ve created customizable storage solutions you won’t see anywhere else!” From hidden cubbies and invisible closets, to pop-out drawers and more – the award winning design team at Empire uses the most innovative interior design tricks in NYC. 

To celebrate your commitment to get organized, Empire Closets is offering an exclusive special. For a limited time, all clients can get $500 off any project valued over $3000. This generous discount makes high-end interior design more accessible to New Yorkers on a budget. Don’t miss out on the chance to transform your living space with one of the city’s most in-demand design teams!
Empire Closets offers a range of custom solutions, including walk-in closets, specialty cabinets, pantries, office solutions and more. Their award winning team works closely with you to understand your needs and style – creating a space that is all your own!
To take advantage of this deal and transform your living space, get connected with Empire Closets today. With personalized service, affordable pricing, and fast turnaround times, the team at Empire Closets is here to bring your design dreams to life! Schedule a free, 1-on-1 design consultation at or call 718.712.4244 now!

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