BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT Introducing Meticulice™
Winning the Battle Against Head Lice!

In the realm of certified head lice removal, prevention, screening, and education, Meticulice™ shines as a paragon of expertise, beginning from a personal experience that propelled its founder into action In August of 2011. This specialized service traces its origins to a fateful afternoon when an unsuspecting daughter returned home from camp, unwittingly introducing head lice to her family. A shocking discovery followed – the founder herself had fallen victim to the same infestation. This unsettling ordeal, led by fear and confusion, ignited a fervent quest to eliminate the problem that would lead to the creation of Meticulice™.

As the founder and her family grappled with this unsettling dilemma, they encountered a disheartening gap in the available knowledge on combatting head lice. Contradictory information and puzzling solutions abounded, leaving them adrift in their pursuit of relief. Even their trusted family physician was unable to offer guidance on where to turn for effective assistance. Conventional remedies and products proved ineffectual, deepening their frustration.

Amidst this exasperation, a transformative journey was embarked upon. Drawing inspiration from the Shepherd Method™, a service located at a distance, the founder uncovered the support and education that had eluded them.

This encounter not only provided a remedy for their own ordeal but also awakened an awareness of the escalating issue of head lice infestations, affecting 6 to 12 million school children annually. In this pivotal moment, a resolve took shape: Suffolk County required a service that not only eradicated lice with proven, non-toxic methods but also extended its reach to low-cost screenings and enlightenment for schools, daycares, camps, and parent groups. A rigorous training regimen at the esteemed Shepherd Institute for Lice Solutions paved the way for the founder’s certification, marking the inception of Meticulice™. The journey did not end there; local collaborations with families unveiled a disturbing trend – the tendency for parents to seek over-the-counter solutions, echoing the founder’s own initial impulse. However, these conventional remedies persisted in their ineffectiveness, proving toxic and devoid of essential tools for successful at-home removal.

In response, the Meticulice™ Product line was meticulously crafted. Comprising prevention shampoos, conditioners, sprays, and elimination kits, this array of products reflects a commitment to empowering families with the means to safeguard against infestations and execute successful removals.

Meticulice™ is the natural outgrowth of a thriving residential and commercial cleaning business, Cleaned to Perfection, boasting an impressive 22 years in Suffolk County. Renowned for its impeccable service and transparent communication, Meticulice™ upholds the same standard of professionalism and excellence.

As Meticulice™ takes its place on the shelves of Amazon, it stands as a testament to the power of personal experience, expertise, and dedication. With a potent blend of certified methods, innovative products, and an unyielding commitment to education, Meticulice™ offers hope to families battling the persistent challenge of head lice. For additional information visit

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