With the recent pandemic finally coming to a close, and the world finally getting back to some semblance of normalcy, for many of us this means returning to work and the end of the work-from-home and remote office lifestyle. And while this might be the case for much of corporate America, and a lot of the larger businesses and companies around the country, the fact is that the events of the pandemic taught many businesses a number of different lessons. And one of those lessons was that working from home isn’t really that bad – and in many ways, it is actually better! Interestingly enough, according to a number of statistics during the pandemic, productivity has gone up from remote work, and with corporations saving on rental costs, and office space – profits have even gone up during the pandemic. And this has led many employees to create the perfect home office – whether or not you work from home for a larger corporation, small business, or you run your own business having well-equipped home office space can make things infinitely easier. One of the most integral parts of your home office has to to be the home office copier printer. When it comes to home office print solutions, things are quite different from the printer in office you’ve got at your large, corporate employer thats got to handle the workload for the entire office. The office printer gets way more work at a corporate office than it does at your home. And purchasing the right home office printer and copier isn’t as simple as you might think. All too often, home office copier printer purchasers will either buy a device thats way too advanced and ends up taking up tons of space and money, or they put a printer in office that is a lot more suited for a high school student who prints out an essay every two weeks. To better educate the remote workers of today, in this article we will be exploring how to find the best printer for your home office.

The Office Printer for Remote Workers
The fact is that when it comes to working remotely, it can become a dream for some, and a nightmare for others. No matter how well you are at balancing, both your business life and personal life will always bleed into the other, and its not the worst thing in the world. It’s important to understand that with any home office copier printer you want a device that can handle all your office printer and copier needs, and can meet your personal needs. Rather than having to buy separate devices for each purpose, why not spend a little extra on one and get a piece of hardware that can do both. At REM Office Solutions they’ve helped countless home office and remote work professionals to outfit their office with the very best in home office print solutions – from well-known names like Canon, Brother, Xerox and much more.

Space Saving
The office printer is usually something thats super bulky and takes up a ton of space. The reason for this is that it generally has to handle the workload of an entire office full of people, from faxing and scanning, to making copies, printing 100-plus page documents, and much more – and not just for you, but all your colleagues as well. So any printer in office generally needs to be heavy duty and big enough to manage the workload. however, your home office copier printer doesn’t need to handle such an immense workload – at least in most cases, and plus, most people simply don’t want to create the space for such a big, bulky, and all around intrusive item in their sleek, streamlined home office area. Size is an important consideration, generally you want something that can fit on a desk along with other hardware, or something that can at least be placed on a table or file cabinet on its own. Nowadays there are smaller officer printer and copier devices that can easily handle a large workload for one or two people, that can fit somewhat comfortably on top of a file cabinet. So take this into consideration.

Features & Specs
This is the fun part for most of the tech geeks in any home office. When it comes to home office printer solutions the team at REM Office Solutions has dozens of different devices you can choose from and the fact is that office printer solutions generally have a number of spec-ranges you can choose from. You’ve got to think about your needs here, do you need a single function printer, or all-in-one device. The answer is usually the latter for most offices, and generally for the same price or just a bit more you can get something that does more than just print for your, and thats always the best idea for a printer in office.

Speed & Volume
Another consideration when it comes to specs has got to be the speed and volume that a copier printer all-in-one device can handle. While you don’t need something as heavy duty as a large office, you definitely don’t want to have to wait 10 minutes for a 40 page contract to print out. For the most part, speed is more important to home offices, but you also need to be realistic about your volume. Try to come up with a figure of how many pages you will be printing each day, at an average and then a maximum and make sure you find a printer that can handle it.

Connectivity & Media
For most larger offices, its almost a prerequisite that things need to be wireless unless, you’ve got a well wired office, and have ethernet ports easily accessible – even then there is some semblance of wireless connectivity and networking that much be done. In your home office you want to try to avoid any complicated networking or the need for a print server. Try to find printer that will easily connect to your wireless network, and allow you to print from any device – desktop, laptop or mobile device included, and thats generally going to keep you in good shape. If you’ve got the proper setup area, and space isn’t an issue on your desk than by all means connect it via a USB, but these are slowly being phased out and wireless is certainly the way of the future. In addition media type is important for those who might need to print checks, or print on an envelope or maybe even make some labels one day – think about the tasks your office does, and whether or not your office copier printer can do those things. For more information on home office printer solutions be sure to contact REM Office Solutions today.

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