In the plumbing world, it can be nearly impossible to find a quality plumber you can trust with handling your repairs, and charging you a fair value price. The fact is that plumbers, unfortunately are known for charging way too much for their services, and like mechanics, they will often overestimate damages and repair issues, as they’re the experts, and you as a the homeowner have little to know idea what’s exactly going on – besides the fact that your toilet doesn’t work. This can especially be the case when it comes to more involved, severe damage issues such as a sewer pine damage. And clogged drain repair for the sewer. This is why Elite Plumbing and HVAC has earned its amazing reputation for being the best plumber Suffolk County has to offer, especially when it comes to more involved work like sewer pipe damage. The team at Elite Plumbing handles all types of plumbing and heating issues, across Long Island and with so many different plumbers in the area, they are easily the best plumber in Suffolk County. Now when it comes to sewer pipe damage, this is one of the biggest issues around, and it can cause a number of other issues, that in many cases, left unattended, might end up costing you thousands in excess repairs and installations. Therefore to educate the consumers, here are a few of the most important things you should know about sewer pipe damage and clogged drain repair across Long Island.

Common Causes for Sewer Pipe and Sewer Line Damage
The fact is that the sewer line damage is almost inevitable, and because its one of the main infrastructure systems we rely on for daily use in our homes and properties. When it comes to sewer line damage, there are definitely some ways that are more common than others for it to occur. While there are several ways that this damage could happen but there are a few that happen on a more regular basis. One of the most common is cracking in the pipes due to changes in temperature. When the temperature gets down to freezing your pipes may become brittle. That will cause them to crack, which is an obvious problem. The pipes are designed to withstand some change in temperature but the sudden swings can cause issues. This is another reason why winterizing your plumbing systems is so vital on Long Island, as the best plumber in Suffolk County, the Elite team offers this service and recommends it to most clients. Tree roots growing into the pipes can also cause a lot of damage. This is a hard thing to catch but is fairly common in older houses with mature trees. The final thing to note is that all too often the damage can just come from regular old wear and tear over the years.

How to Prevent Sewer Line Damage?
You must realizer that all too often, sewer line damage is out of our hands, as its unpredictable, and impossible to know when its gonna come. It’s made even harder by the fact that the lines are buried in the ground. You must realize as well, that there are several ways that you can prevent this and ensure things like clogged drains in the sewer line don’t occur. The most important thing you can do to prevent damage to your sewer lines is to keep an eye on them. That’s tricky, as we’ve mentioned, because they are underground. The good news is: if you know where they run on your property you can keep an eye out for potential issues. Finding the sewer lines around your home can be done quickly by contacting the city’s maintenance office. They have all of those records and can give you that information. Its always helpful to have the best plumber Suffolk County has to offer, Elite Plumbing come and check on your lines as well regularly, or whenever they might be there doing other similar work.

Warning Signs to Look Out For
Its nearly impossible to monitor the health and wellness of your sewer line pipes, and other areas. But its very important to recognize certain common signs of issues to come. Its vital that you do so as it can save you money and clogged drain repairs left undone, can cause leaks which can damage the foundation of your home. The most obvious indication that you may need to look into replacing the sewer line is that the toilet backs up when you flush and won’t clear easily. This can occasionally happen but you should be able to quickly fix the problem. Some people will also experience mold, dark circles on their walls and ceilings, or a bad smell throughout their house.

Get the Right Plumber
One you find out you need work done, for maintenance or repairs, you have to find one of the best plumbers in Suffolk County. The fact is that far too many plumbers out there either have no clue what they are doing, or simply are too lazy and tend to cut corners. Find someone like the team at Elite Plumbing & HVAC, they are meticulous and do not cut corners when it comes to the health of your sewer lines. Plus a lot of plumbers don’t do much else than to help you plunge your toiler, and maybe rooter the sink. These aren’t the right guys for the job. You need to make sure the plumbing company is also experienced at doing sewer line work in your area, because the sewer lines in your area might be somewhat different from those of another area.

For more information on sewer pipe damage and more, be sure to contact Elite Plumbing & HVAC today.

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