As a homeowner, there’s so much you’ve got to be on top of. Whether its your first home, and you’re a single guy or girl, living on your own, or you’ve got a large family and been in your home for years, one of the most important things you can do is to stay on top of household repairs, and maintenance. And while DIY work is a vital part of the process, and being able to work on smaller things yourself not only saves you tons of money, but also a lot of time – having to wait for professionals to arrive. And while this is certainly the case, there are some things its always best to contact the professionals over – as these items can greatly effect your daily life, and making a mistake due to lack of knowledge or experience, can leave you in a terrible spot, and cost you tons of money in damages and repairs. One of the most interesting areas of concern has got to be central air conditioning Suffolk County being in the most eastern part of New York State, and being close to the water, is effected quite a bit by New York’s notorious humidity in the summer months. This makes air conditioning, and central air conditioning Suffolk County residents best friend during those dog days of summer. But I bet you’d never think that when you need the team that offers the best central AC installation Suffolk County has to offer, you’d be contacting a team also considered the best plumber Shoreham has in business – Elite Plumbing & HVAC. The last part of their name is key, as they are one of the best companies out there today for central air conditioning Suffolk County residents can count on. And while its important to work with trustworthy pros like them, before you contact a professional there is quite a bit you need to know about your central ac yourself. In this article, to better educate homeowners, we will be going over some important DIY fixes, and facts to know about your central ac.

Replacing or Changing a Filter
One of the worst things about any air conditioning, especially when it comes to central ac’s is having a clogged, dusty, dirty, debris-filled filter! According to the team at Elite Plumbing & HVAC, the best plumber Shoreham has to offer, having a dirty air filter can cause your unit to run less efficiently, and as a result, drastically hampering your overall level of comfort and driving up energy costs. It’s important for homeowners to know that they must change the filter once per month during the hot season and every two or three when your unit is only used some of the time.

Your Programmable Thermostat
One of the advantages of having someone put in central air conditioning in your home is being able to control your cooling and overall temperature, just as you would your overall heat – rather than having to actually push buttons on a window ac. The best thing you can do, according to the team at Elite, known for the best central ac installation Suffolk County has to offer, is to set up a programmable thermostat with your central ac system. One of the biggest advantages of this is that you are able to raise the temperature while you’re away from home, but make sure you don’t allow it to climb too high. When you do, your unit will just have to work harder to remove the residual heat from your home and this defeats the purpose.

Damaged or Leaky Ducts
Ducts are a vital aspect when it comes to your central air conditioning system, and its important that as a homeowner you don’t have to call someone every time you have a simple leak – although if it does get out of hand, or is happening too often it might be time to contact the team at Elite Plumbing & HVAC. The best way to find leaks in your ducts is with smoke. You can light a stick of incense for this, then hold it at the connections where the pieces of ductwork meet one another. In the event that you notice the smoke moving around, or blowing away – it is time to seal things up. You can even use duct tape – ironically where it gets its name from.

Maintenance of Your Compressor
Another important aspect of your central ac system is your compressor, probably the main unit of your central ac – if you aren’t familiar its the big thing thats outside the house. Its vital that, especially in the summer when its getting its heaviest use, to check it out a few times a month and to make sure there’s no debris or dirt stuck within the fins. You need to also make sure its installed in a nice area, and has a few feet of clearance all around it.

For more information on central air conditioning and more, be sure to contact Elite Plumbing & HVAC today.

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