When it comes to home renovations, contracting, and any home professional services, there’s quite a bit you need to be aware of, and understand when looking for the right crew for you. The fact is that usually, when you’re looking for someone to build a home from scratch, or someone to fully renovate your home, its usually not the same person you find when you’re in need of the best home maintenance services Nassau or Suffolk County has to offer. All too often, homeowners will confuse the two, and think just because this person was able to build a beautiful house across town, he can do a great job putting in my garden, sprinklers, and the Koi fish pond my wife wants so badly! According to experts in home professional services, another major factor to consider is the price level and size of work a contractor might be used to doing. In the simplest of terms, generally if someone has only built home that cost around $200,000 its not a great idea to have him build your $5.5 million dollar home – at least not until he’s proven he can meet the needs of such a job or you’ve at least seen them do some excellent work in the past. And in this day and age, when you are looking for the best home maintenance services Suffolk or Nassau County has to offer, there are amazing platforms out there like Casa Concierge. This amazing new service helps to connect homeowners with the very best home renovations pros, maintenance experts, and home professional services on Long Island and NYC. With their help, countless homeowners have been able to connect with reliable, trustworthy contractors and experts, who are pre-vetted and verified to be some of the best in their field! And when you are looking for the best home maintenance services Nassau or Suffolk County has to offer, they can get you the best available no matter what field you need – in only a few clicks! While hiring a professional on a service like this can help streamline the job, it doesn’t mean you’ll always find someone specific to your needs. This is where education can help. In this article, we will be going over a few important questions to ask when looking for the right landscaper for you.

What Type of Services Do You Offer?
Not all landscapers and home professional services companies are built the same, and not all of them do the same things – the fact is that you’ve got to ask and see exactly what they do and what they don’t do. If you’re looking for someone to install a Koi fish pond, and a fountain made of special materials in your yard, you don’t want to hire someone who hasn’t done anything beyond mowing the lawn every other week.

Are You Bonded and Insured?
This is most vital when you are in need of a landscaper to do some larger scale work, or install a whole bunch of different systems in your backyard. The fact is that a lot of these landscapers
work with a lot of heavy machinery. An accident could end up being costly for both of you, which is why you want to make sure that they carry the appropriate insurance that will cover anything that happens while they’re on your property. For instance, you wouldn’t want to be on the hook for the repairs a runaway lawnmower could do to your car’s paint job. Hiring a bonded and insured landscape pro can cut the potential for extra expenses for you both.

How Long Have You Been Working and What is Your Experience Level?
Generally, the bigger the job is and the more important it is to your home, the more experienced you certainly would want your landscaper to be. Just because a landscaper offers a service doesn’t mean that they’ve done it for years. Sometimes companies can expand their services as needed. While it’s not necessarily a bad idea to hire a landscaper who’s just starting out, you may not want someone who’s never trimmed a tree before to handle a giant redwood tree, that’s been there for over 150 years ago.

What Kind of Special Services Do You Offer?
The fact is that if you want that Koi Fish pond, then you certainly need someone who has built one before, or at least has experience with water systems, sprinklers, fountain systems, and other similar services. When they need home maintenance services Suffolk County homeowners need to find someone who knows what they are doing, and has done somethings that are outside the box for you to do.

Will You Be the One to Complete My Project?

All too often, landscapers will simply take on the initial first meeting themselves, and then send a crew of random workers, who probably have no experience doing anything other than mowing lawns, and other simpler jobs such as putting together a brick fence. Just because someone has put together a brick fence, doesn’t mean they have the masonry skills to build you a fountain in your backyard. Make sure that the person you speak to is there on the job site for a lot of the project and they are supervising it and not subcontracting it out to a smaller company as many of these contractors will do. Its not what you want, and you shouldn’t have to pay for it!

For more information on landscaping and more, be sure to visit CasaConcierge.com today.

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